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The Essential Trio ... $127
Manicure, Pedicure, and 1 hour Facial

The Mini Essential Trio... $100
Manicure, pedicure, and express facial.

The Salty Siren... $200

Himalayan body wrap and glow OR Hot Sea Shell Body treatment and Himalayan Salt Facial

Spa Manicures and Pedicures

Acrylic and Gel Nails

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Prices and Services are subject to change.

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Facials and Spa Services

Ladies' Hair-Removal & Brow Treatments
Brow Design
(First Time or Been a while) 
Brow Maintenance
Lips or Chin
Full Face

Brow Tinting 

Customized Enzyme Facial 
I am a licensed Full Specialist and Certified Clinical Esthetician using primarily Skin ScriptRX and Hale and Hush products. I use a variety of customized enzymes and serums to treat your skin issues from sensitive to challenging.

*Specializing in anti-aging treatments. 
30 min and 60 min options.

Microcurrent Facial

​Great for anti-aging.  Contraindicated for those with a pacemaker.

Micro-current relaxes and tones the facial muscles, and flushes excess fluids while helping to produce collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts.  This is a 3 step facial using probes to relax and tone, an ion pump mask to flush fluids from the face and neck, and a gua sha-like t-blade to smooth the fascia and tighten the skin on the neck.  All while conducting a gentle healing microcurrent through the facial tissue.

Fusion Plasma Facial

​Fusion Plasma technology
This service uses 
1. fusion plasma to create micro-channels in the skin, similar to the effects of micro-needling, 
2. electroporation to drive the serums and products deeper into the skin and 
3. microcurrent for amazing lifting and anti-aging results. 

One hour and 90-minute options include a deep cleanse, an enzyme specific to your skin needs, exfoliation with minerals and vitamin C followed by a nourishing mask.  The 90-minute option includes 30 Minutes of LED with an Infrared booster.

​OxyGeneo Facial


​​With Geneo™️, rejuvenate your complexion so you can breathe in and shine out! Using patented oxygenated technology and active ingredients, Geneo™️ works on the inside and outside of the skin to promote natural skin oxygenation and provide solutions for all your skincare concerns.

The oxygenation process triggers the body’s natural, physiological process of increasing oxygen levels internally. Oxygen is carried to the surface of the skin where the increased levels of oxygen prep the skin for maximum absorption throughout the rest of the facial treatment.

Natural ingredients create a gentle, non-invasive exfoliation, and trigger oxygenation inside the skin.

A blend of active ingredients is infused into the oxygenated and exfoliated skin during our ultrasound and neo-massage processes.

Immediate, long-lasting results and no downtime required.

Himalayan Salt Facial 

Ideal for: Acne/pigmentation/anti-aging

Suggested frequency: 4 treatments, every 2 weeks

The three-part process fights aging by first preparing your skin with an all-natural sea-salt exfoliation, followed by deeply penetrating hydrating antioxidants with ultrasound, and finally healing your skin with high-intensity LED light therapy. All this is delivered in one treatment that is quick and painless. 


Ideal for anti-aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

A series of 5-10 treatments for maximum results, followed by routine monthly maintenance. Allow at least 5-7 days between treatments.

Red, Blue, and infrared LED technology . When absorbed by the tissue, LED promotes collagen production and elastin repair filling in the thin skin on your face, hands, and body. It also targets those ugly brown spots fading them with each treatment. Red light energy easily penetrates the dermis and can help with a variety of skin conditions. Amber penetrates into the joints and muscles to relieve pain and inflammation. Blue fights bacteria and heals the skin. 
*Improve overall skin quality and elasticity
*Boost circulation, bringing more blood and nutrients to the area
*Boost collagen production
*Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
*Reduce the appearance of skin discoloration 
*Soothes Arthritis and Carpel Tunnel
*Enhances absorption of nutrients.

Lymphmed for Gentle Lymphatic Drainage 
(Face, neck, decollete, back, hands, arms, feet, buttocks, upper thigh & lower leg)

30 min sessions.

Lymphmed is a non-invasive treatment that works to minimize the effects of the sun and environmental damage, as well as aging. Very effective in eliminating wrinkles and lending a smooth, texture to the skin. Lymphmed moves the lymph fluid and can move fatty deposits. This treatment can be used post-surgery to help heal the skin. Lymphmed helps with inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being.


Good for anti-aging and hair removal of vellus hair (not terminal hair). Not for active acne.

A procedure that exfoliates your skin, and gets rid of dirt and vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz.” Exfoliation and hair removal can leave your skin brighter and smoother. The treatment softens fine lines and wrinkles and lessens hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone. It can also minimize acne scars. 30 min or 1-hour facial options.


suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, especially during the dry seasons.

An advanced intra-dermal infusion skin treatment that gives an instantly gratifying glow! The Hydro/microdermabrasion facial is a special water resurfacing treatment that integrates vacuum extraction, exfoliation, hydration, and iontophoresis (serum infusion). The procedure uses specialized diamond tips and water as a method of exfoliating the first and outermost skin layer, with a surface composed mostly of dead skin cells. As this layer is stripped away, the body races to replace removed cells with new, healthy skin cells, thereby improving the appearance of imperfections such as wrinkles and lines. The surface of the skin also feels smoother and firmer. More treatments continue to increase the visible health of the skin.

Clinical Facial Add-ons 
MicroDermabrasion (machine and manual using a dermadisk or dermafile) 

Microcurrent- eye, lip, face, face, and decollete  
LymphMed Lymphatic drainage- face and neck
Nano infusion (stamping/needling)
Acid Peels 
*Jessner or TCA 
*Korean Spicule Peels 

Hot Seashell Treatment for Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, and Body treatments.

Our Sea Shell Treatment is the application of a seaweed mask and effleurage using heated seashells to exfoliate the skin, giving deep relaxation, and creating the sensation of comfort and warmth.  The penetrating heat from the warm shells relaxes the muscles, which allows for deeper penetration of products and relaxation overall.
The Sea Shells are profoundly soothing to the body, mind, and spirit and offer the opportunity to reconnect with the sea and nature.
Benefits of Using the Sea Shells
Provides deep relaxation
Enhancing general health and well-being
Increases circulation, lymph, and vitality
Promotes the release of toxins
Softens skin and muscle tissue with heat
Gently exfoliates the skin.

Detox Foot Soak

*This is not a pedicure*

Aqua Vida Ionic Foot Detox encourages the body to naturally release impurities and de-stress the body during a safe and simple 30-minute session. Aqua Vida uses the feet as a conduit to improve your overall health by unblocking vital energy pathways. Increase metabolism and improvement in the elimination of toxins by the normal, natural process of elimination, (kidneys and bowels). This is a simple way to correct ph levels, detox heavy metals, and improve circulation, lymph movement, and increase metabolism and energy levels. 

Chi Machine: 15 minutes. Passive aerobic exercise means increased circulation and oxygenation of the blood without any physical effort, so neither heart rate nor blood pressure is raised, yet cells in the body receive increased oxygenation.  Helps with spinal rebalancing, removing kinks and tension in the spine, back, and shoulders.  Increases energy in the body.  Balances the autonomic nervous system which reduces the symptoms of insomnia, digestive difficulties, and other stress-related problems.  Promotes a healthy Immune system that fights off colds and promotes relief for chronic fatigue.  This service is performed on a hydrotherapy table which allows the full motion of the lower body.
Body Wrap and Glow
Exfoliation with a special blend of Himalayan Salts and Aloe Vera. The solution is massaged into the skin, then you are cocooned in our Far-Infrared blanket so your body is able to absorb an amazing 84 minerals while the enzymatic action of the Aloe smoothes and softens the skin.  Inch loss is often a side effect, but we do not measure for our wraps. 1 hour (30 minutes wrapped) 

Far Infrared Body Wrap
30 Minute wrap 

~Detoxifies and burns fat
~Burns up to 1400 calories in 1 session
~Extracts waste from the body such as heavy metals, poisons, etc.
~Activates hormones
~Enhances absorption of nutrients.
~Good for Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and bursitis. 
~Balances the nervous system and has a beneficial effect on sore muscles, lactic acid, and the liver.
~Improves the immune system 
~Diminishes inflammation.
~Speeds up metabolism so that improves the function of organs and digestion.