beYoutiful.Solutions for Skin                       and Nails are Guaranteed!

Body Wrap & Glow

Exfoliation with a blend of Himalayan salts and Aloe Vera gel.  The solution is massaged into the skin, then you are cocooned in our Far-Infrared blanket so your body is able to absorb an amazing 84 minerals while the enzymatic action of the Aloe smoothes and softens the skin.  Inch loss is often a side effect, but we do not measure for our wraps. 1 hour (30 minutes wrapped)... $90 

Far Infrared Benefits

~Detoxifies and burns fat
~Burns up to 1400 calories in 1 session
~Remove unwanted fats in your Tummy, waist, hips
~Extracts waste from the body such as heavy metals, poisons etc.
~Activates hormones
~Enhances absorption of nutrients.
~Good for fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and bursitis. ~Balances the nervous system and has a beneficial effect on sore muscles, lactic acid, and the liver.
~Improves the immune system 
~Diminishes inflammation.
~Speeds up metabolism so that improves the function of organs and digestion.

30 min Wrap - $35

Single visit $25

Buy 3 get 1 free! 4 sprays for $75 

Acrylic Nail Full Sets

Prices here are a guideline and due to experience, ongoing education (not to be confused with CEU's) and technicians specialty may vary per technician. Please refer to booking page and click on the individual links for current pricing per technician. 

Artificial Nail or Gel Polish Services are Guaranteed for 2 weeks with regularly scheduled maintenance or your nails will be fixed for free by highly trained technicians.  Regular Maintenance on these types of service is every 2 weeks for optimal nail health.

Men's Overlay $25

Ladies Simple Overlay$30
(over natural nail, no extension) polish included.

Pink and White Overlay$40 with gel sealer

Glitter Overlay$45 with gel sealer
Please allow 1 hour for this service. Nail art is extra.

Simple Tip Overlay $35 natural or clear tip extension and acrylic with polish included.

Pink and White with tip overlay $45 with gel sealer

Glitter Tip Overlay $50 with gel sealer.  Please allow 1 & 1/2 hour for this service.  Nail art is extra.

Full Set Sculptured Nails$50 clear or natural acrylic.  Polish included.

Full Set Pink and White Sculptured Nails$55
with gel sealer

Custom Glitter or colored acrylic Sculptured Nails $65 
with gel sealer.  Please allow 2 hours for this service.  Nail art is extra.

Hard Gel Full Set Clear with tips$50 
with French or Color polish included.
with glitter or shells add $10 or $1 per nail
depending on desired gel service, please allow up to 2 and 1/2 hours 

**Shapes added to full sets
Traditional Rounded or Square $Included
Edge $20

Stiletto $10
Almond $8
Ballerina $6

Soak off for Acrylic Nails 
with mini manicure $25
with replacement Full Set $10

If it's our previous set $free

Removal of Hard Gel 
with mini manicure $30
with replacement Full Set $15

If it was our previous set $free 

Buff and Polish $15
allows you to go a little longer between fill in services

Re-shape (if not with regular maintenance) $5

Shorten(if not with regular maintenance) $5

Polish Change $10 Hands  $15 Feet (includes 10 minute foot soak in jetted tubs)

Broken Nails
New Clients $5 per nail
Regular Clients $Free with regularly scheduled             maintenance.

Fill in Services
2 week Regular Maintenance Clear or Natural acrylic (shorten, shape, rebalance and polish)
New Client or walk-in $27
Established Clients $25
Over 2 weeks growth $Negotiable

2 week Pink and White 

New Client or Walk-in $32 
(Due to different manufacturers, Not all pink and whites will match up to what you have and most often need a conversion.) 
Established Clients $30

Glitter or Colored acrylic color change  
New Client $35
Established Client $33

Hard Gel Fill
New Clients $27
Established Clients $25

Moment in Time  Trim and shape the nails, hot towels, cuticle treatment, massage and polish $25

Express Manicure... shape the nails, apply lotion and polish. $15

Shellac or Gel Manicure The no chip natural nail manicure $25

Moment in time (basic Pedicure) $25

Gel Pedicure $35

Acrylic add $3 per toe
Polish Change $10

Gell Polish over acrylic or gel $6
Charms (must be preordered) $5 each
3D Nail art with artificial nails $5 per nail
Crystals $1 each
            or 1 full nail $10
Custom Glitter or Designs

            2 nails $5
            4 nails $10
            6 nails $15
            8 nails $20
           10 nails $25

Princess Menu (12 and under)

Manicure $8
With glitter or design $12

Pedicure $12
With Glitter or design $17

Polish Change
Hands $5
Toes $8

Anti-aging LED for veins, wrinkles, arthritis and carpel tunnel... $10 added to any nail service.

Artificial Nails Manicure Pedicure in Dunnellon

Signature Super Charged Enzyme Facial

Level 1 Exfoliation
We have a wide variety of enzymes to fit your skins specific needs, from sensitive to challenging skin conditions. Consultation with Esthetician will determine enzymes used. 
*30 min 1 mask (enzyme) facial $45 
*30 min with ultrasound for a deeper cleanse $55 
*30 min with LED panel for more attention to fine lines or acne $60  

*1 hour, 2 mask (enzyme and nourishing mask) facial $65 (recommended) 
*With ultrasound or extractions $75 
*With LED panel $85 or $95 with 20 min  Revitalight.
*Add Time master face neck and eye treatment to any of these for $15

MicroDermabrasion Skin resurfacing using suction to bring oxygen through the blood to the surface of the skin while crystal free 
wands sweep away debris...

*Mini $45    *Full hour with treatment mask $65

*With enzymes $75 (Level 2 Exfoliation)

*With acid $85 (Level 2+ Exfoliation)

Acid Peels Series

Level 2 Exfoliation 

*Lactic, Exfoliating and softening, hydrating, lightening. 
*Glycolic, Exfoliating and softening, treats mild to moderate acne, minimizes pore size. 
*Salicylic, Resurfaces and refines the skin and pores, removes oil and debris, protects from bacterial attacks, antioxidant, inhibits

*Mandelic, antibacterial, slower absorbing and less irritating, good for sensitive skin

All acids are best done in a series and require home care.

*$65 single... 
*$165 for a 3 pack

*$325 for 6 (Most popular) you will be provided with samples to start but home-care will be extra.

Jessner or TCA Medium Depth Peel

(Level 2++ Deepest Peel to be done in a salon setting) One sitting but up to 7 layers. 
1 layer $65 

3 layers $150

5 layers $225

7 layers $300

Ladies Hair-Removal

& Lash Treatments

​Brow Design - $25 ​

30-45 min. (First Time or Been awhile) 

Brow Maintenance - $12  (10 min)

Lips or Chin - $10 

Chin and Neck - $12
Forehead - $10
Sideburns - $10

Full Face- ​$35  30 to 45 minutes
Under Arm - $2520 min
Full Arm - $35 and up
Stomach - $20
Bikini Plain - $35 and up 

Close Bikini - $45 and up
Full Leg and Bikini- $85 and up

Full Leg - $50

Half Leg - $30

Brow Tinting - $25

Lash Tinting - $25

Lash Perm - $25


The Essential Pedicure

Put the spring back in your step! It’s time to energize and invigorate those tired feet with the power of essential oils. This wonderfully aromatic and energizing treatment starts with a warm foot soak in sea salts and  essential oils. Next, your feet are scrubbed with honey, lemon and granules, leaving skin tingly and soft. A massage with essential oils and lotion will complete this stimulating experience, 

with a polish of your choice. 


Moment in Time Pedicure

A pedicure is a perfect way to revive and condition your feet. Hot soak, nail clipping, sloughing, intense massage and polish of your choice are included. 

Spa Pedicure

This luxurious treatment begins with a hot soak in French sea salts, followed by an aroma salt glow polish from toes to knee. A dip in warm paraffin or warm wrap with booties with hydrating mask, an intense hot stone massage follows, concluding with a polish of your choice. 

Hot Stone or Hot sea Shell Manicure

Our Moment in Time Manicure with a luxurious addition! This treatment incorporates warm sea shells (similar to hot stones) into the massage, relaxing your often neglected arms and hands. Completed with a polish of your choice and an LED hand treatment... your hands will thank you! 


Spa Manicure

Our Moment in Time Manicure followed by an exfoliating treatment to the elbows, a hot paraffin dip or warm mitts with a hydrating mask. Ending with intense massage with aromatic oils, and 
polish of your choice with LED hand treatment. 


Moment in Time Manicure

Done once a week, a manicure will stimulate nail growth and soften dry, dull skin. Includes steamy hot towels, emphasis on cuticles, completed with massage and polish of your choice and an LED anti-aging hand treatment upon request. 


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Pamper Yourself or Someone Special

Queen for a Day... 150 (165 value)
Mini Facial, Brow Tint and Design, Lash Tint, Manicure, and Pedicure.

Deluxe Queen for a Day... 185 (220 value)        
1-hour Facial, Brow Tint and Design, Lash Tint, Manicure and Pedicure, shampoo and blowout; curling iron or straightened.

The Essential Trio... 99 (115 value)
Manicure, Pedicure and 1 hour Facial

The Mini Essential Trio... 85 (95 Value)

Manicure, pedicure, and express facial.

The Eyes Have It!  ... Custom Brow Tint and design with wax, Lash Perm and Custom Lash Tint... $85

The Mini Express... 70 (78value)

Express Pedicure, Express Manicure, and Express Facial.

$120 for 2 hours, 4 child minimum
(add $20 per child if more than 4)
Includes princess mani and pedi, hair chalk, glitter hair spray or face painting. 

Adult Pamper Parties
$40 per person/per hour. 2-Hour and 4 Person Minimum.  Includes express manicure, pedicure, express facial or blowout with either curling iron or straightened, and brow or lip wax. 

Artificial Nail or Gel Polish Services are Guaranteed for 2 weeks with regularly scheduled maintenance or your nails will be fixed for free by our highly trained technicians.  Regular Maintenance on these types of service is every 2 weeks for optimal nail health.